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Azyzah Entertainment nabízí následující dílny ve školách – drama, loutky a výroba masek pro děti
ve věku od 3 do 18 let.

Pro studenty

Školní dramatické dílny jsou vzrušující příležitostí pro studenty naučit se divadelním dovednostem ve třídě.

Čas konání dílen přizpůsobíme vašemu školnímu rozvrhu.


We focus on giving your students an opportunity to speak English:

  • expressing themselves 

  • practicing grammar skills

  • giving directions

  • memorisation

  • new vocabulary

  • team building.

  • coordination


Duration1h to 1h30 depending on the ages and the goals

Všechny divadelní
dílny využívají
pohybu, tance,
zpěvu a hudební



Oblíbené dětské dílny

Oblíbené dětské dílny

DRAMA-Video making

Kids will take part in drama games while role paying and creting their own short stories or existing tales by filming and editing their own video. We explore movement, voice, comic timing, stopry telling and character development with children of all ages.

*Kids must bring their ipad or mobil for video making.


Art fun creation from puppets to ceramics or different art and crafts creations. We crreate everyday original art pieces inspired by themes or ideas given by the group.


main collage.jpg

We explore our inner clown through movement, role play and guided improvisation.


Physical benefits of kids' circus classes include improved hand-eye, flexibility and strength. Kids will also develop essential life-skills, including self-confidence, teamwork and trust.


Students will explore and enjoy a unique range circus skills first hand: spinning plates, hula hooping, diabolo scarves, club juggling, rhythmic ribbon.

DANCE DANCE DANCE We explore songs and routines kids find inspiring and incorporate tehm in our performances and fun love of dance.


We explore the world of rhythm and percussion while providing each child a chance to play music within a group context. We create songs, rhythms, stories with our musical adventures at camp. We provide several types of percussion instruments, ukulele, and a piano for our jam sessions.  Children are encouraged to bring their instruments.

Jogis   go on a daily morning salutations of the sun with group and individual hatha poses. We learn how to breath, meditated and simple mindfulness towards each ther.

Podívejte se na fotky! 

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